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Have you been arrested in Florida and are trying to get your criminal record expunged or sealed? Are you tired of a mistake haunting you in the job application process. With the help of Attorney Steven Veinger, your criminal record can be expunged. Expungement simply means removing a conviction from your criminal record.

If you were ever arrested in Florida, you have probably learned that the criminal arrest record (police and court) arising from your arrest can cause you problems in employment, housing, and other situations when a Florida criminal background check is done. Even if you received a withhold of adjudication and were not convicted, the criminal record may still be causing you problems. If you qualify, sealing or expunging your criminal arrest (police and court) records is a low cost way of improving your life.

Mr. Veinger has extensive experience in handling Criminal Record Expungement cases. He handles Criminal Record Expungement cases in North Miami, Hollywood, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Hollywood and most cities in Southeast Florida.

Once the sealing or expungement of your Florida criminal record is granted by the court, the withhold of adjudication or dismissal of your felony, misdemeanor, or other criminal charge will no longer be available as a public record as it will be sealed or expunged. Also, if you seal or expunge the Florida criminal record, you gain the LEGAL right to deny or fail to acknowledge anything to do with the arrest and the legal proceedings from the case itself. Do you meet the basic requirements? Call Now to find out.

At the Law Offices of Steven Veinger P.A., we are a Florida law firm that is committed to helping people expunge and seal their criminal records.

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