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Understanding your rights and how an impending marriage may impact your property ownership is important prior to entering a marriage. Dade, Broward & Palm Beach County attorney Steven Veinger helps clients with the proactive, pragmatic, and admittedly unromantic process of negotiating and preparing prenuptial & post nuptial agreements.

A pre-nuptial agreement also referred to as an antenuptial agreement or a premarital agreement is a contract entered into by a man and woman in anticipation of their marriage. Premarital agreements usually outline the division of assets and debts and and form the amount of support, if any, that each party will be entitled to in the event of divorce or death.

Mr. Veinger has extensive experience in handling Pre Post Nuptials cases. He handles Pre Post Nuptials cases in North Miami, Hollywood, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Hollywood and most cities in Southeast Florida.

The motivation of the person seeking a premarital agreement usually falls into one of two categories: (1) the spouse with the assets wants his or her separate property assets protected in the event of a divorce; or (2) the spouse who holds few, if any, assets is giving up a career to stay home and raise a family and, thus, wants to be financially compensated for the loss of his or her career.

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